How to remotely get any local log files from Microsoft Intune

Frustated aren’t you ? You’re trying to get remotely a log file located in some deep folder locally on your managed workstations.

In this post, we will collect the file leveraging the « Device Diagnostics » feature.

How does Device Diagnotics work ?

When running device diagnotics on a computer, the Intune Agent runs many commands on the workstation. Every collected files are listed in MS documentation :

Some folders locations are interesting. Especially this one :

What does it mean ? It means that EVERY log files located in this directory will be gathered and uploaded when running the Device Diagnostics.

You’re figuring out, aren’t you ?

What to do now ?

All you have to do, it’s to move or copy the files you want inside this directory. I created a foo.txt file for the occasion :

Let’s run Device Diagnostics remotely from Intune. It might takes 10-15 minutes :

Download the compressed folders and go to this one :
« 60) FoldersFiles ProgramData_Microsoft_IntuneManagementExtension_Logs »

It works for ANY log or txt files you put in this directory.

Cheers !

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